What we want and how we will get to this

April 13, 2009

        First off let me start out by saying that i love music.  Not in the way that most people say they enjoy music but in a feverish, exhaustive search for true artistic answers with the power of sound.   In the posts that are sure to follow i will lay out problems, loves, losses and all manner of musical speak to anyone who will listen.  The way i will be using to write this and how i enjoy music  95% of the time is  by explaining the artistry of music to me. i will also be using “genre speak” to get my points across.  some hate classifying (as i do as well) but to really get everyone on the same page and form a coherent conversation we use these to make things more stream lined. yes problems are run into in many instances (how can a band be “experimental” and yet be influenced by others?) choices must be made to open up dialoge on these subjects. 
      The reason that  music is my passion is because out of all the arts it has so many more implications than just entertainment.  In the realm of pyschoacoustic’s sound and music can be used as a type of healing for specific ailments. Another crazy thing to think about is that fact that all atomic matter vibrates. Ok so things shake really fast, big deal right? no because vibration is what causes sound…all sound all music.  So music is everywhere, even if we dont think we can hear it.  The posts to follow will lay out my world of music to you.

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