Album Review: Cinemechanica – Rivals (EP)

May 6, 2009

mmm two drummers

mmm two drummers

This group has been lighting up the Atlanta Georgia area for some time (along with their other own Hello Sir Alumni) now with an impressive full length under their belts and a new one on the way, an ep of their adventures with two drums was born.  Rivals see’s this math punk post whatever it sounds like ROCK and ROLL to me back in action with three new songs.

Thankfully the two drummers are panned hard left and right making this something to truly be enjoyed in  headphones but all the same not much has changed thankfully.  With “Hero Protagonist” slow build toward a great dual guitar off with drummers trading fills. Its a great way to make a quick impression on a three song release.  “Rivals” adds Cinemechanica’s Dischord Records speak shout mechanics to the fray while picking up the tempo a titch. In closing,  “Kurosawa” methodical guitar work drops in and out of martial drum licks for 6 and a half minutes before ending.

As a stop gap till there next release, its very clear that structurally more attention is being payed if maybe at the expensive of a little speed and less stops and starts.  It does give the effect of a more approachable band.  This is hardly negative just a very slight change from “Martial Arts” more manic approach.  Its great to hear some better production going on with these boys as well especially since this music really calls for some crisp guitar tones.  Overall an excellent snack till the meat of the situation is layed before us.  Double drums you will be missed.

RATING:Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Salsa

SOUNDS LIKE: Nes Video Game’s scored by a rock band


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