Band Overview: Rapider Than Horsepower

May 6, 2009

horse head, check. children playing, check. actually not a bad approximation on how this sounds

horse head, check. children playing, check. actually not a bad approximation on how this sounds

Welcome to the first band im covering that….GASP has a vocalist! I have chosen a very special group to kick this off as i tend towards bands without singers for one reason or another but boy are these vocals a kicker.  Theres really nothing like this band around today and certainly more people should be aware of this group.

Mostly made up of members of avant hardcore group Racebannon, This is spazz pop rock that gets away with occationally borrowing ideas from a variety of places (spanish music, kids songs, old school hip hop to name a few) As said before, the vocals are how should i say this like a high pitched rambling crooner from another dimension.  If that isn’t enough Mike Anderson (vocals) multi tracks his vocals, so while one might be singing another might be off key and another talking about animals or something. Lyrical choice runs from nonsensical (talking about going on dates with catapillars, eating ice-cream) to talking about crushes and other school yard topics.  Guitars add to this frantic meyhem with odd chord choices bordering on noise rock but with more funk thrown in for good measure.

As for a good idea of what you might be getting into with this band check out their two earliest albums “Stage Fright Stage Fright” and “This is My Big Night” Their newer material for me sometimes gets a bit lengthy and pointless so i tend to listen to earlier stuff.  “Rock Against Mapquest” is a great introduction to the group and displays what they do best. Starting off with a homemade cheer section you know your in for some fun. Vocals attack, guitars bend and weave making it all sound like a ridiculous carnival where everyone accidentally dropped acid but seem to not care at all.  Through out both disks thankfully the band do mix it up like on the ballad “Lick Me on the Face, It Feels Funny”.

Capturing that fun element in music is something a lot of bands try to do or claim they do but its represented in spades here.  While this is pretty far from being in the category dance music you can certainly do so ( i know i do) and makes excellent party music (heads do turn).  Certainly check out their other releases including there split with Mae Shi if you end up falling head over heals. Also Racebannon’s “Satan’s Kickin’ Yr Dick In” for those of you that enjoy the hardcore rock, myself included.


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