Band Overview: PIGLET

May 7, 2009

i dont remember this part of space mountain

i dont remember this part of space mountain


Piglet are a math rock band by way of Chicago.  While there output is slim (one release Lava Land ep) and have since disbanded, it is hard to ignore a band that was this good.  With two members of Seyarse in the line up youd swear on your dusty vinyl that there had two be another guitarists going at it on these tracks or even another drummer but youd be very wrong as its just three members.

Surprisingly no looping is used either and with several listens its easy to see why. Structurally their songs are too complex to add any sort of extended groove.  As a point of reference it could be likend to many of their influences (Don Cab, Volta Do Mar ect).  I’d say more realistically though that its like if someone sped up American Football and dropped the whiney vocals.  We could sit here all day and argue if something so indebted to others is even relavent musically, but  give this one listen and those pretentious thoughts will melt away as fast as you can say “holy polyrhythm’s”.   

Lava Land their only release would be impressive enough for a band that had been playing for many years, but its hard to imagine cranking this out as a first ep.  What is nice about these songs are that while very technical there is a true appreciation in the guitar playing for memorable melodic lines.  Sometimes i find math rock to be forgetable once ive walked away from it but i find myself all the time humming these tunes to myself.  This is of course not to bring the focus away from the drumming which i think not only keeps up with the guitar but dare i say it is at times more interesting to follow. 

Even though this group has disbanded doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and make this a must purchase.  It is a rewarding listen and there are always new things to enjoy with each spin.  Just goes to show you that pretty rock need not pander to love sick men and impossibly slow tempo’s.


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