5/9 Ithaca, The Haunt: Technicolor Winter, Summer People, Tera Melos

May 11, 2009



A brisk evening at The Haunt brought in three acts this saturday, Technicolor Winter, Summer People and Tera Melos. 

Technicolor Winter was up first and didn’t really do much for me unfortunatly. Made up of five members, this young rock group from Binghamton did try their best but it was evident that further work had to be put in.  They were at the best however when all members were playing in tandem, sadly there saxophonist and keyboard player seemed left out of the formula. 

Summer People fared much better in my mind.  A large indie rock band with several guitarists and two drummers the team mustered a lot of energy and passion from the crowd who in turn shot it right back.  My girlfriend found this group tonights winner as she danced through the whole set.  A favorite song of mine though was there more left field take on a fast blues number with tumbling drums and shouted vocals.  Certainly keep an eye on these folks as they have a soon to be released album on Red Leader Records.

Tera Melos was the star of the show for me though.  The trio quickly set up despite a myriad of pedals. Nick Reinhart (guitarist) quickly said “hey” and not .1 miliseconds after launched into a sensory assault that lasted for what seemed like 4 minutes but was truthfully more like 40. 

This was my first time seeing John Clardy (ex Fishboy) behind the skins and its interesting to compare old (Vince Rogers) to new.  I think Nick said it best as I chatted with him saying that Vince had a  much more jazz influenced playing than John’s more rock centric style.  It lent well to some of the bands newer songs they played, which seemed to focus on more structured singing parts and more aggresive riff rock than shredding.  This certainly does not mean they have given up their previous chaotic stop start elements as they were in full swing as well. 

Playing other songs from “Drugs to the Dear Youth” and their split “Complex Full of Phantoms” it was simply amazing to watch them blast through each one with amazing energy.  Nathan Latona honestly is one of the most interesting bassists to watch as he practically shreds his fret board doing some impressive movement on the stage at the same time.

Banter between songs was at a minimum but Nick make a comment asking about “sad bar flies” and if they were bumming tonight because he liked that kind of thing.  A girl in the audience also was shouting to them to play songs off their first full length to which he replied “im sure you know those songs better than we do.”

Certainly a band that has to be experienced live i was more than happy and lucky to bear witness to their set.  In hanging out with these gentlemen that night they are truly some of the sweetest guys to sit and talk to.  You can honestly tell that they care about their art and that its not for anything but the love of music.  It means a lot and i think it reflects back to each and everyone that has ever seen them play.



One Response to “5/9 Ithaca, The Haunt: Technicolor Winter, Summer People, Tera Melos”

  1. Crystina Says:

    Job well done. 🙂 I LOVE SUMMER PEOPLE!

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