Album Review: The Fire Show – Saint the Fire Show

May 12, 2009

the classic "rock out bend" technique

the classic "rock out bend" technique

Sometimes a bands last effort can be a transformative affair.  Other times it finds them run down and beaten into the ground.  All I have to say is thank god for this swan song by The Fire Show.  Sadly, for as much press in online publications that this band has recieved they were forgotten by time even before they went there seperate ways.  I hope to let more know of this great album.

A post-punk band in the loosest of definitions, Seth Kim-Cohen and Michael Lenzi make a beautifully controlled racket on Saint the Fire Show.  With Brian Deck (Califone) behind the boards you know your going to get some excellent percussion sounds.  Programed drums along with live kit playing, introspective lyrics, sampling, buzz saw guitar and a low end that provides a thundering bed for the rest to flow on is the area which these boys inhabit.  This is certainly not your daddies post-punk.  If your wondering as a point of reference musically it  has shades of Wire, Public Image LTD and This Heat sprinkled throughout.

Between three records this one happens to be at once their most “challenging” and their most “diverse” release.  “Making of Dead Hollow” starts off the album with lone vocals giving way to sparse instrumentation.  For the musically closed minded this track wont be your cup of tea (I think its a great lead track) although the next “Rabbit of My Soul Is the King of His Ghost” turns it around 360 degrees.   Starting with a soul crushing bass riff and countering guitar until the drums signal a change into some sort of deadly funk groove with sharp lyrics.  This is one of the best tracks on the album.

Not to sell the rest short of course which all tracks contain at the very least one memorable lyric or guitar line.  This is what makes this record so hard to not make it all the way through.  Each song has there its character and story thanks to Michael Lenzi’s poetic singing, where previous releases found him focusing more on drums, here he is the unofficial star of the show.  Drums are certainly not ignored and while sparse, giving the sampled bits and guitar room to move, they are by no means unimaginative.

This release is always on rotation for me and for a lot of people i show this to it remains the same.  I really can not say enough good things about this release.  It is truly a portrait of a band at its creative peak and would beg to question “where would the band go from here” I am somewhat thankful I dont know the answer because cliche or not it really doesn’t get much better this high on the mountain.  Be your own judge though and seek out “Saint the Fire Show” you will not be let down.

RATING:8oz Strip Steak with Mashed Potatoes

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