Album Review: Thee Speaking Canaries – Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story

May 14, 2009


"the shallow end of a creepy futuristic building"


The great and mighty Damon Che (of Don Cab fame) drummer supreme and…..lead singer? guitarist? Yes, so what type of math rock super twisted structures do we have here? well none to be honest.  This is indie rock and to be more specific indie rock meets Van Halen.  Now I’m sure at this point some might be grumbling (which i was when i first heard this years ago) but give it a chance and you’ll find an album full of rewarding songs and some serious guitar.

Its a shame that this band was never given the proper chance (it was featured in Rolling Stone for god sakes and went no where).  Really to get right down to it these are epic in the style of some kind of alternative indie band giving way to their 80’s pop rock demons.  As it is not as clumsy as that description there are some seriously catchy songs on this release.  I’ll come out and say previous releases were plagued by bad production and songwriting. This their last album finds a band finally comfortable with its place and exploiting it to the fullest.  It could also have something to do with Che playing almost all of the instruments here as opposed to other releases but who’s to say.

“I Wear Glasses in the Most Brutal Sport Ever Invented” tricks you into thinking this could get a little don cab esque with odd timed riffing but just as suddenly the song gives way to “Menopause Diaries” which stands as a prime example for what you are in for.  Riff rock with pretty vocals, memorable guitar lines all equal out to some  nostalgic 90’s melodies.

In my opinion though the best part is the vocals which really suck you into the grooves.  Unfortunatly all is not perfect as a  problem later in the album creeps up as songs start stretching to longer lengths and vocals become less present.  To say these extended songs are  horrible would be incorrect but a little aimless would be more like it.  Incidentally there is also an extended album version  that almost doubles the album length.  Thankfully we are only treated to the best portions on the normal release and do not miss anything from the extra intros, bridges and outro’s on the extended version.  One other thing id like to point out and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out but this is pretty much 90’s indie guitar rock with some extras.  So if things feel familiar its ok as its also a part of the charm.  Gladly i can take these missteps with stride and at times i do even enjoy them.  Its funny how well it has with stood the test of time while other 90’s rock has mummified.

Speaking Canaries is the perfect vehicle for Damon to flex his guitar muscle its just that maybe his guitar muscles aren’t as big as his drums ones.  Still an excellent last album for Che who now seems content to resurrect the ghost of Don Cab.  There are many times I wish he would come back to Speaking Canaries and I doubt that I am alone.


RATING: A Twinkie you’ve been saving for years. Still good.


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