Band Overview: Polvo

May 26, 2009



Biography:  The four piece from Chapel Hill, North Carolina played a indie noise rock all their own in the 90’s.  While being accused at times of sounding like sonic youth, pavement or anyone of their art rock contemporaries they jammed to something a bit different.  Indie noise rock, heavy use of alternate tunings with eastern style riffing and yet still a good melodic sense within “structured” rock songs.

Whats the big deal?:  Polvo has informed a lot of our current underground music today (The Joggers have even taken similar chord progressions from them).  They brought together a pop rock sense of structure to otherwise left field chords and beats.  Attributed also to “math rock” due to off kilter rhythms (ive never been one to label them as such but they frequently are) As with many bands like them they never were keen on the labeling.

Albums:  Cor-Crane Secret,* Today’s Active Lifestyles*, Exploded Drawing, Shapes

News: Polvo has reformed and after 12 years is currently working on a new album! Not only that but cytunes has made me aware that theres also a live album on sale with proceeds going to brain cancer research.  For 7$ and a good cause you cant beat that. Link below.



2 Responses to “Band Overview: Polvo”

  1. Jeff Stern Says:

    Polvo also has an online-only live album that they made for charity last year – all proceeds go to brain cancer research –

    I’m a volunteer for CyTunes

  2. shaunpeden Says:

    Thanks for the heads up and for checking out the blog. I edited the entry to include your information.

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