Album Review: O Lucky Man! – When I Was Young I Would Type Your Name Just to See it in Front of Me

May 28, 2009



You mean to tell me this takes its influences, internalizes them, then adds their own character to it? God after sifting through many of the new vangaurd of pointless math rock this is a welcome breath of fresh air.  At times reminiscent of Hella at their most frantic and Cap’n Jazz when things cool down but without sounding like either one too much, this is serious stuff.

Guitars, while maybe not as incredibly complex as some peers, use space well and only clutters (clutter in a great way) notes where it seems needed shifting between  pretty runs and almost blues influenced playing.

Now these drums for me are the gem in the sceptre.  They dance around the guitar at an inhuman speed litering these pieces with devilish fills.  9 times out of 10 if the guitar is playing some chunky chord progression the drums are pouring hot lava over them playing like an unhinged mad man.  Although even the drums know how to reign it in for slower sections with the help of keyboard (played at the same time) which works to the groups advantage.

You can talk about influences all you want.  The fact is this is a band thats only going to get better and better with each turn.  Truthfully I just wanted to write “please go to myspace and buy this” because its really that good, do yourself a favor you deserve good music in your life.

Rating: A Breakfast Pizza, because lets face it they are delish but when was the last time you had one?

Sounds like: Awesome



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