Band Overview: Ebu Gogo

June 1, 2009

goggles is the new black

goggles is the new black

Ex members of rock group Gruvis Malt find a calling that is less indebted to the present or future and more revels in the past.  Now im certainly not saying that they are some kind of folk group or classic rock revivalists but their decade of choice just happens to be one that twenty somethings may remember very well.

Video games, saturday morning cartoons and a hint of prog rock make up this three piece self described “action/adventure” band.  Drums, bass and keyboard fill out the sound without you ever wondering why theres no lead guitar.  Hate the bleeps and bloops of chip tune or the endless video game covers? well then rest assured that none of these exist here.  High energy, thoughtful song structures and excellent musicianship is what you recieve time in and time out and thats a winning combo in my book.

Debut “Chase Scenes 1-14” is an excellent first effort but perhaps suffers a bit from sounding “samey” with songs running together and production that leaves you scratching your head as to what your really hearing.  Aside from this its a very self assured release that is of course bested by its follow up.  “Worlds” marks a culmination of ideas split into smaller “suites” and tends to be a much more diverse and dynamic affair.  However both have their merits and should be checked out accordingly.  In any event this is a band that should be checked out as soon as you can.  If you are also unfamiliar with previous project “Gruvis Malt” do yourself a favor and check out “Maximum Unicorn” trust me.



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