Band Overview: Curse Ov Dialect

June 2, 2009

aladdin is that you?

aladdin is that you?


Australian rap outfit Curse Ov Dialect skirts a fine line as far as independant hip-hop is concerned. On one hand they seem to want to be experimental with beats and word play but in the same instance there is certainly a great love for touch stones of the game: straight forward drums and varying mc’s taking turns.  Its a tuff call as to what sort of group they want to be. 

Not nearly as challenging as something like Clouddead, these 5 individuals do have serious flow as far as spitting verses.  Not to mention they tend to do so in various languages and inflections of english. While mc’s are the lyrical content to any rap outfit it is the music providing a solid backbone. DJ Paso Bionic samples from such a vast area of material youll be lucky to identify more than one or two sources yourself.

It is very interesting for the most part but can get messy as there is not a lot of breathing room for the music at times.  The mc’s tend to be a bit long winded at times and with each one waiting their turn, tracks can become long true time investments.  Other than slight problems which all music has its important you check them out.  My personal favorite is 2003’s “Lost in the Real Sky”.  With a new album on the way we will see how this group pushes it further. 


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