me performing a limit break on some rocks


This is something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.  It finally gives me the chance to vent about music because i know my girlfriend is sick of hearing me blather on and on about it.  I dont really care to edit myself for grammer or spelling so deal with it. These are artists that hold a special interest to me. Most of them also happen to be of the “math rock” type but certainly not exclusive to.  Some might wonder why i do not post links to full downloads of these bands like many blogs do.  The reason being is we’re all pretty crafty boys and girls and pretty capable of using file sharing/torrents if we want something. I suggest though buying what you like so you can support these struggling artists.  I really appreciate any and all feedback, comments or criticism.

2 Responses to “About: Lots of Swords”

  1. Phil Cobb Says:


    I’m Phil Cobb of Upsilon Acrux. Thank you for giving us a thoughtful review. We just toured the east coast a couple of weeks ago, and I was going about a promo search. I wish we would have gotten in touch with you before we left, so we could invite you to one of our shows. But, I don’t know where you live.

    Nonetheless, we’re touring Europe in September, and possibly doing a west coast run late in the year. I hope you’re having an amazing holiday and eating way too much barbecue like I’ve been doing.

    Thanks so much!


  2. shaunpeden Says:

    Thanks for reading Phil! sorry its taken me so long to reply as ive been dealing with baby issues at home haha. I actually live close to Ithaca NY where you guys played and unfortunatly missed out on what i was told was a killer show. Hope the rest of your touring goes well and stay safe out there.


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