Listed are groups that while good in their own way just didn’t spark anything more than a few words worth.  Certainly check out all the same.

tinyhawks1Tiny Hawks: Old school hardcore punk softened a bit and mixed with some mathy elements.  delightful but I wish the songs would try a little harder to stand out from one another.


Colour:UK Math-pop rock that is pretty catchy and fairly tech. at times.  Unfortunatly not the most original math-pop especially coming from the now hot bed of time changes, the UK.


hereHere we go Magic: Really nicely layered space pop that tends to take its sweet time getting anywhere.  When it does though things really work out well.


hiHi Red Center: Disjointed and shambolic indie rock that when keeping its head above water can impress.  The sad part is its a bit of a crap shoot as to wether the parts will fall together nicely or drop to the floor in a mess at any given point.




A brisk evening at The Haunt brought in three acts this saturday, Technicolor Winter, Summer People and Tera Melos. 

Technicolor Winter was up first and didn’t really do much for me unfortunatly. Made up of five members, this young rock group from Binghamton did try their best but it was evident that further work had to be put in.  They were at the best however when all members were playing in tandem, sadly there saxophonist and keyboard player seemed left out of the formula. 

Summer People fared much better in my mind.  A large indie rock band with several guitarists and two drummers the team mustered a lot of energy and passion from the crowd who in turn shot it right back.  My girlfriend found this group tonights winner as she danced through the whole set.  A favorite song of mine though was there more left field take on a fast blues number with tumbling drums and shouted vocals.  Certainly keep an eye on these folks as they have a soon to be released album on Red Leader Records.

Tera Melos was the star of the show for me though.  The trio quickly set up despite a myriad of pedals. Nick Reinhart (guitarist) quickly said “hey” and not .1 miliseconds after launched into a sensory assault that lasted for what seemed like 4 minutes but was truthfully more like 40. 

This was my first time seeing John Clardy (ex Fishboy) behind the skins and its interesting to compare old (Vince Rogers) to new.  I think Nick said it best as I chatted with him saying that Vince had a  much more jazz influenced playing than John’s more rock centric style.  It lent well to some of the bands newer songs they played, which seemed to focus on more structured singing parts and more aggresive riff rock than shredding.  This certainly does not mean they have given up their previous chaotic stop start elements as they were in full swing as well. 

Playing other songs from “Drugs to the Dear Youth” and their split “Complex Full of Phantoms” it was simply amazing to watch them blast through each one with amazing energy.  Nathan Latona honestly is one of the most interesting bassists to watch as he practically shreds his fret board doing some impressive movement on the stage at the same time.

Banter between songs was at a minimum but Nick make a comment asking about “sad bar flies” and if they were bumming tonight because he liked that kind of thing.  A girl in the audience also was shouting to them to play songs off their first full length to which he replied “im sure you know those songs better than we do.”

Certainly a band that has to be experienced live i was more than happy and lucky to bear witness to their set.  In hanging out with these gentlemen that night they are truly some of the sweetest guys to sit and talk to.  You can honestly tell that they care about their art and that its not for anything but the love of music.  It means a lot and i think it reflects back to each and everyone that has ever seen them play.


Band Overview: PIGLET

May 7, 2009

i dont remember this part of space mountain

i dont remember this part of space mountain


Piglet are a math rock band by way of Chicago.  While there output is slim (one release Lava Land ep) and have since disbanded, it is hard to ignore a band that was this good.  With two members of Seyarse in the line up youd swear on your dusty vinyl that there had two be another guitarists going at it on these tracks or even another drummer but youd be very wrong as its just three members.

Surprisingly no looping is used either and with several listens its easy to see why. Structurally their songs are too complex to add any sort of extended groove.  As a point of reference it could be likend to many of their influences (Don Cab, Volta Do Mar ect).  I’d say more realistically though that its like if someone sped up American Football and dropped the whiney vocals.  We could sit here all day and argue if something so indebted to others is even relavent musically, but  give this one listen and those pretentious thoughts will melt away as fast as you can say “holy polyrhythm’s”.   

Lava Land their only release would be impressive enough for a band that had been playing for many years, but its hard to imagine cranking this out as a first ep.  What is nice about these songs are that while very technical there is a true appreciation in the guitar playing for memorable melodic lines.  Sometimes i find math rock to be forgetable once ive walked away from it but i find myself all the time humming these tunes to myself.  This is of course not to bring the focus away from the drumming which i think not only keeps up with the guitar but dare i say it is at times more interesting to follow. 

Even though this group has disbanded doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and make this a must purchase.  It is a rewarding listen and there are always new things to enjoy with each spin.  Just goes to show you that pretty rock need not pander to love sick men and impossibly slow tempo’s.

horse head, check. children playing, check. actually not a bad approximation on how this sounds

horse head, check. children playing, check. actually not a bad approximation on how this sounds

Welcome to the first band im covering that….GASP has a vocalist! I have chosen a very special group to kick this off as i tend towards bands without singers for one reason or another but boy are these vocals a kicker.  Theres really nothing like this band around today and certainly more people should be aware of this group.

Mostly made up of members of avant hardcore group Racebannon, This is spazz pop rock that gets away with occationally borrowing ideas from a variety of places (spanish music, kids songs, old school hip hop to name a few) As said before, the vocals are how should i say this like a high pitched rambling crooner from another dimension.  If that isn’t enough Mike Anderson (vocals) multi tracks his vocals, so while one might be singing another might be off key and another talking about animals or something. Lyrical choice runs from nonsensical (talking about going on dates with catapillars, eating ice-cream) to talking about crushes and other school yard topics.  Guitars add to this frantic meyhem with odd chord choices bordering on noise rock but with more funk thrown in for good measure.

As for a good idea of what you might be getting into with this band check out their two earliest albums “Stage Fright Stage Fright” and “This is My Big Night” Their newer material for me sometimes gets a bit lengthy and pointless so i tend to listen to earlier stuff.  “Rock Against Mapquest” is a great introduction to the group and displays what they do best. Starting off with a homemade cheer section you know your in for some fun. Vocals attack, guitars bend and weave making it all sound like a ridiculous carnival where everyone accidentally dropped acid but seem to not care at all.  Through out both disks thankfully the band do mix it up like on the ballad “Lick Me on the Face, It Feels Funny”.

Capturing that fun element in music is something a lot of bands try to do or claim they do but its represented in spades here.  While this is pretty far from being in the category dance music you can certainly do so ( i know i do) and makes excellent party music (heads do turn).  Certainly check out their other releases including there split with Mae Shi if you end up falling head over heals. Also Racebannon’s “Satan’s Kickin’ Yr Dick In” for those of you that enjoy the hardcore rock, myself included.

ah the old sun pyramid cover

ah the old sun pyramid cover


Let’s get this out of the way first and formost, this is a great album. If you like guitars that play notes and drums that make noise then your in luck, this is your album!  Now that I’ve told you this we can all go home and order this album…oh..hold on…ok…right, you want me to tell you what it sounds like? why its good? ok ok

This group from Oslo, Norway plays Dun Dun Dunnnnn post rock. BUT SHAUN YOU JUST TORE APART SAXON SHORE’S LATEST ALBUM AND THATS POST ROCK! Reeelax, where as theres was a sleepwalk fest through dad and mom’s card party, Samuel Jackson gives us a template that many similiar bands should follow in the 2000’s.  This is a fun album and certainly not your sad sack post rock that makes you think of sleigh rides in the winter(though theres nothing wrong with that either).  The reason why it works so well is that the build ups are actually interesting and add to the song.  Where as most is a waiting game to see how awesome the guitar pummeling will be in the last 30 seconds I never found myself to be watching the track time. 

The fact is interesting things are happening constantly in their music and theres always some new intrument popping its head into the groove.  Flute, cello, violin, horns  all make lasting impressions throughout while not sounding like gimmicks.  The two guitarists especially pay close attention to melody, making each guitar line as joyful as the next such as on “So many Cowboys, so few Indians” where the bass gives both guitars room to wiggle around each other.  Drums largely keep to grounding the proceedings but closer attention reveals that they are not as conventional as once thought.  As i sat down to air drum some of the parts i realized that there are time changes hiding throughout and some pretty interesting fills. 

While not everything here is completely perfect like most things and this is but a small gripe in an otherwise splendid performance.  Lets face it, the title track goes nowhere and heads off into nothing.  It does kind of make sense in context to the other songs but its one i tend to skip over.  Otherwise go out and get this album as soon as possible.




        First off let me start out by saying that i love music.  Not in the way that most people say they enjoy music but in a feverish, exhaustive search for true artistic answers with the power of sound.   In the posts that are sure to follow i will lay out problems, loves, losses and all manner of musical speak to anyone who will listen.  The way i will be using to write this and how i enjoy music  95% of the time is  by explaining the artistry of music to me. i will also be using “genre speak” to get my points across.  some hate classifying (as i do as well) but to really get everyone on the same page and form a coherent conversation we use these to make things more stream lined. yes problems are run into in many instances (how can a band be “experimental” and yet be influenced by others?) choices must be made to open up dialoge on these subjects. 
      The reason that  music is my passion is because out of all the arts it has so many more implications than just entertainment.  In the realm of pyschoacoustic’s sound and music can be used as a type of healing for specific ailments. Another crazy thing to think about is that fact that all atomic matter vibrates. Ok so things shake really fast, big deal right? no because vibration is what causes sound…all sound all music.  So music is everywhere, even if we dont think we can hear it.  The posts to follow will lay out my world of music to you.