Listed are groups that while good in their own way just didn’t spark anything more than a few words worth.  Certainly check out all the same.

tinyhawks1Tiny Hawks: Old school hardcore punk softened a bit and mixed with some mathy elements.  delightful but I wish the songs would try a little harder to stand out from one another.


Colour:UK Math-pop rock that is pretty catchy and fairly tech. at times.  Unfortunatly not the most original math-pop especially coming from the now hot bed of time changes, the UK.


hereHere we go Magic: Really nicely layered space pop that tends to take its sweet time getting anywhere.  When it does though things really work out well.


hiHi Red Center: Disjointed and shambolic indie rock that when keeping its head above water can impress.  The sad part is its a bit of a crap shoot as to wether the parts will fall together nicely or drop to the floor in a mess at any given point.