rainbow bass drum

interdimensional bass drum head


 Ahleuchatistas mix the kind of music that most bands are still trying to distillate after years.  From North Carolina they have healthy jazz influences with equal parts classic prog and avant garde leanings that  produce a very unique instrumental sound for just bass, drums, and guitar.  There are also some interesting undertones of the wild energy of punk proving that this is not just music for beard stroking hipsters. 

Mostly clean toned guitar work that can shift from choatic stabs to locked in grooves with the bass. Drums also play similarly moving from more straight forward beats to fill laden licks.  As said before they are a tight instrumental group that shows considerable practice has taken place during off time.  The song structures themselves follow no set path and as such lend themselves well to various time changes.  This is of course not for their own sake such as in some straight math rock.

Its in this formula that the group sometimes heads into repititive territory but for the most part this is the exception.  While not having a general effect on the music production wise they have always been a bit lacking.  It has an older sound which plays well into the songs but can also disguise some of the tech. fills and runs being played.


On the Culture Industry (2003)

What you Will (2005)

Even in the Midst (2007)

The Same and the Other (2008)