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When “1000 Year Plan” is being described to you by someone it’s easy to file it under an easy dismissal.  After all how many bands out there today travel in the same twisting math structures with a hard rock style? Lets just say the 90’s are reasserting themselves in a big way these last couple years with a flood of time signature consciousness groups.  Having said this I can say with all certainty that this group is something special and I felt a fool for having those above stated thoughts.

Seconds into the first song on “In Theory and Practice” it is blindingly obvious that these 3 gents really know what there doing.  Bassist Tom Yagielski seems to split half the time dualing off of guitarist Joe Kepic like a second lead and the other half holding down the fort with the equally spastic drumming of Brendan Kuntz.  Its nice to see a bass player actually stepping it up and presenting some interesting interplay especially with music this complex.  Not to down play the often strangely melodic passages of Kepic who seems to delight in harder post-hardcore style riffs and almost classic rock with an attitude sounding lines.  Though not ones to be pinned for too long, songs will bend into slower areas when the feeling calls and is really a nice break.  The two guitars it should be noted as well really do a great job of running together and apart.  In their favor this telepathic interplay keeps the album sounding fresh and lively.

Structure wise they manage to succeed in one of the hardest things of this style of music, transitions.  Yes they do flit from one idea to another but not at the detriment to the piece.  Thankfully these guys know when to stay on a great riff or conversely to play it once and move on, something that a lot of bands could learn from.  But really please stop reading this right now, go out and purchase this record as its pretty much an order at this point.

Rating: chicken nuggets. now im not talking fast food style im talking some gourmet nuggets here.  Of course with your choice of dipping sauces if you feel so inclined


Are You Ok? Damiera

May 27, 2009

old damiera

old damiera


Memorable post hardcore math rock doesn’t grow on trees these days.  At the fore front are certainly the boys in Damiera who have been at it for a couple years now (since 2005)  With an excellent starter ep and full length deput “M(us)ic” it seemed as though the group was ready for a new deserved level of respect. 

Enter problems.  “Quiet Mouth Loud Hands” their 2007 release, lets face it, is about 40 steps backwards and does everything to hurt what they had built previously.  Boring song structures, goofy lyrics, tame instrumentation and songs that lack their own flare often sounding like poor imatations of more popular acts (read as: Maroon 5 with something to prove).  This would be forgivable but its harder to ignore 4 line up changes in 4 years making it clear who the conductor of the train really is, guitar/vocalist Dave Raymond.  Not too mention getting dropped recently from Equal Vision (not that theres anyone good there besides Fall of Troy, still)

With all the ups and downs it would be way to easy to say that this would sign an end to a great band.  The question is more so can one man replace and replace without consequence? Its been done before so we’ll just have to wait and see what lies ahead.