can you see my time changes strange eye?

can you see my time changes strange eye?

When I think long standing math-rock bands of the 2000’s it isn’t hard to immediately think of our ever line up shifting boys in Upsilon Acrux. Dont let their morphing fool you though, time in and time  out they have never let this stand in their way by releasing solid recordings each and every time.  Now stripped of every member except for the ever constant Paul Lai and adding in a new keyboard element (Phil Cobb of Bad Dudes) this is a group that has never sounded so vital.

To be honest though previous releases while excellent and tech. brilliant can be a bit taxing to pay attention to and enjoy all the way through.  Melodies that stick were never something that they’ve traveled to often in opting for rapid fire ideas and guitar drum warfare.  Unlike other bands of their ilk Upsilon has always been completly relentless with their instrumentation which can be good or bad depending on how your tastes run.  Radian finds a more thoughtful group willing to divide time between the prog math of old and a new sense of melody where an idea might break the 10 second mark and repeat.  This is an excellent development that lets you stop and think about what your hearing instead of it constantly being torn away in record time.

Words must be said of Phil Cobb’s contributions on keys as well.  As anyone even vaguely familiar with his work in Bad Dudes knows that he plays a rather large roll in their sound and composition.  Here he gives the instruments ample room to breath and try new ideas without being confined to highly shifting rock.  At times the group takes on an almost ambient form as far as they go.  Its good to see that extra depth added as it certainly helps out the 28 minute “transparent seas (radio edit)”.  This might be one of their best works as it never gets old and always introduces fresh ideas while staying true to the composition.

Really nice to hear from this group since their last effort was back in 2007 (Galapagos Momentum) which in itself was a very solid disk. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from this new line up in the future as I’m excited to see what curves they can continue to throw our way.

Rating: a nice hamburger with just the right amount of extras (tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onion)