guitarist drummer death lock stare

guitarist drummer death lock stare

     First and foremost I need apologize quickly for my lack of updating as I have had pressing home matters to deal with as of late.  Anywho back to the music.  This excellent group out of Purchase, New York has certainly been turning some heads lately.  A three piece with ex Ra Ra Riot drummer Cameron Wisch its fairly simple to peal back the influences going on here but to their credit they certainly are an intense musical force in their own respect.

     Harkening back to the heyday of 90’s heavy math rock there is more than enough of the old school Pittsburgh soul that helped power bands such as Hurl and Don Caballero to go around here.  It should be said as well that spicing up each of their songs are hardcore influenced speak shout vocals from all the members. Never intrusive to the pieces but honestly the true magic here is the instruments, and boy is this some busy music for a trio.

Its hard to find math-rock especially in america these days that is as tight as its over sea’s counter parts and a little mess is ok but Zona certainly keeps things crisp between guitar and bass.  As a drummer though and while perhaps unfair to say its excellent to see Cameron Wisch really doing some interesting things on the kit.  Using highly syncopated licks and knowing when to reign it in or let loose is very much the style going on here. Often times though i find myself paying more attention to the little things he does like stick clicks where a milisecond pause may occur or taking a fairly straight forward beat and speeding it up to the point where you’d have a hard time knowing what you just saw.

These boys are currently on tour right now with the also fabulous Monster Machismo (whom i will be covering tomorrow) tour schedule obviously located on their myspace.  I plan on attending their show in Ithaca NY July 30th at the always lovely Pirate House, so if anyone is in the area I can promise a show to be remembered.  Check the link and the video below.

Zona Mexicana